Golfer Explains Why He Broke Golf Clubs Over Lousy Game

The golfer whose epic meltdown on a course showed INSIDE EDITION how he took his frustration out on his clubs.

Chris Cataldo is the golfer who lost it after a lousy round of golf. One by one, he snapped his clubs in half.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with him at the Spring Mill Country Club, north of Philadelphia, and his golf game is still making him mad!

He says he usually plays a pretty good game, but last weekend, he had his worst round ever.

He said, “It has never been this bad.”

So naturally, he took it out on his clubs.

It may be the greatest golf meltdown since Kevin Costner’s tirade in the movie Tin Cup.

By the way, it's not easy to snap a golf club in half, so Cataldo gave INSIDE EDITION a tutorial.

He said, “You have got to have the yell, too!” He screamed and bent the club, saying, “That’s how easy it is.”

He estimates he destroyed $1,000 worth of clubs, but he doesn't regret it one bit, saying, “It felt great! Snapping those clubs was liberating!”