'Duck Dynasty' Dad Ok with Daughter's Sexy Side on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson tells INSIDE EDITION he’s perfectly fine with daughter Sadie’s sexy costumes and moves on Dancing with the Stars.

It looks like daddy's little duckling is all grown up.

Duck Dynasty heiress Sadie Robertson is making a big splash as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Now everyone's wondering what her father, Willie Robertson, really thinks of those costumes his daughter has been wearing.

One judge on the show asked, “Was your dad ok with that routine? It was a little edgy and sexy and a lot of hip thrusts!”

Well, the word straight from Willie is that he's totally cool with it.

INSIDE EDITION asked Willie Robertson, "You review her wardrobe before ever week?"

Robertson replied, “I do, yeah. She knows she needs to run things by me and just say ‘Hey, what do you think about this?’”

“The costumes, some of them, they need to see their legs and see how they move. So, we try to make the best decision that we can. She's almost 18,” he said.  

The Duck Dynasty clan is known for its conservative Christian values, so it's no surprise that Willie is executive producing a new faith-based thriller, Left Behind, about the biblical rapture.

It stars Nicholas Cage.

“When I watch the movie I wanted people to just stop and think about where they're at in their life,” said Robertson.

By the way, we just had to ask Willie whether he'd be interested in ever shaking his tail on Dancing with the Stars.

He replied, “Heck no! He you seen those dances? Holy cow, they're working out like ten hours a day.”