Praying On the Field Gets Muslim Player Penalized

Another new NFL controversy is making headlines. This time it involves a player who was penalized for saying a Muslim prayer. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Another NFL controversy, this time centered on Kansas City Chiefs player Husain Abdullah.

Abdullah slid and bowed his head in Muslim prayer after intercepting a ball and scoring a touchdown in Monday night's big game against the New England Patriots.

But the referee flagged him for "unsportsmanlike conduct."

Many believe it was an unjust call.

Remember Tim Tebow, the devout Christian who became a sensation for dropping on one knee to pray?

Matt Lauer said on the Today show, "It does seem to be a bit of a contradiction there."

The 15-yard penalty ignited a firestorm on social media.

"Tebow gets a trademark, Abdullah gets a 15-yard penalty,” went one crack.

"What exactly did this guy do that is offensive?" asked another.

On Tuesday, the NFL acknowledged the ref blew it, tweeting: "Abdullah should not have been penalized."