That Dress! First Photos of Mrs. George Clooney's Wedding Gown

New details are surfacing on George Clooney’s wedding, including Amal Alamuddin’s spectacular gown. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The first photo of Mrs. George Clooney in her wedding gown has been released.

The honeymooners are also on the covers of People magazine and Hello!

Bride Amal Alamuddin was radiant in a gown by Oscar de la Renta. One photo shows Amal during her final fitting with the fashion designer. The shot was taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for the October issue of Vogue magazine. The cream-colored gown is adorned with Chantilly lace and bead-and-crystal embroidery.  

People magazine's Michelle Tan told INSIDE EDITION, "The big pièce de résistance was her gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress. What we saw was an off-the-shoulder neckline. We also saw a very full cathedral length veil."

Clooney was dashing in his custom Giorgio Armani tux, right down to his cuff links.

Tan said, "Amal gave George custom cuff links with his name in Arabic."

Summing up his feelings about the big day, George told People magazine, “marriage feels pretty damn great!"

Not bad coming from the man who was once the world's most confirmed bachelor.

As for Amal, a close friend was quoted as saying, "I had never seen her smile like that. She has had that smile now for almost a year straight!"

We're also learning more about the wedding of the year in the city of love.  

Tan said, "George Clooney told People magazine that 'Venice is just the most romantic city in the world.' It is really where he and Amal had planned on getting married. He actually said, ' We have a home there.'"

According to People magazine, the formal ceremony lasted 30 minutes and how the tears flowed. Guests laughed and applauded as George and Amal shared a long first smooch.  

During the reception there were toasts, including one from Amal's mom, journalist Baria Alamuddin, who gushed over her new son-in-law, telling George, "You are simply perfect."

From George’s dad, Nick Clooney, this simple heartfelt message, "Love is alive and well."

The first dance was to Cole Porter's "Why Shouldn't I?" famously sung by George’s beloved aunt, Rosemary Clooney. George and Amal were serenaded by 16-year-old singer Nora Sagal, niece of actress Katey Sagal.  

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt also appear on People magazine's cover along with George and Amal cutting the cake. Damon arrived home in Los Angeles on Tuesday night swarmed by photographers.

No question, Amal looked amazing on her wedding day. But you don't have to pay six figures like she reportedly did.

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander went to Kleinfeld's in New York City where Fashion Director Terry Hall showed a few dresses that looked just like Amal's.

Alexander said, "I feel so elegant in this dress."

Watch Megan's close look inside Kleinfeld's Bridal.

Hall said, "Absolutely. This is 'Kate' by Augusta Jones and viewers can have this dress for about $3,500. It is so timeless, it is so quintessential Amal, if I may say. Almost every bride wants a little something. We are seeing movement away from the strapless."

Another dress, is "Clara" by Sareh Nouri and also costs $3,500.

Hall said, "This is very similar in that is has kind of an off-the-shoulder illusion, beautiful Alencon Lace. Very similar to Amal's taste."

By George! She's gorgeous!