Mom Teaches Teen Daughter a Lesson for Skipping Class

One mom taught her daughter a lesson about not skipping class by going to school with her and posting video of the day on Facebook. INSIDE EDITION talks to the mother and daughter. 

Mom Jeannie Crutchfield wasn't joking around when she warned her daughter to not ditch school.

“I told you and warned you, make me come to this school,” she said to her daughter on video.

Crutchfield caught her 14-year-old daughter Ricky red-handed as she recorded the entire thing on her cell phone.

"Why am I here Ricky?” Jeannie said in the video.

“Because you thought I was ditching, I’m not ditching,” replied Ricky.

“Really?” countered Jeannie.

“Yeah!” replied Ricky.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent caught up with the Wyoming mother and daughter

Jeannie actually posted the video on her Facebook page for the entire world to see.

“Jeannie, tell me what happened,” asked Trent.

“Well I'd been getting phone calls from the school for a good two weeks at least and I'd given her warning after warning. I told her if she wasn't going to go without me she was definitely going to go with me,” said Jeannie in the interview.

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Jeannie followed her daughter up and down the high school hallways needling her.

In the video Jeannie said, “Come on what’s wrong Ricky? So guess what I'm doing, Ricky. We're going to hold hands and we're going to go to class and sit together isn’t that great?”

One person wrote on Facebook, “Am I the only one who feels like this is unreasonable and inappropriate?”

Jeannie responded, “As a single mom with three kids, until you’ve walked a day in my shoes and know who my kids are, and you know how they behave, you don’t know what its like.”

Trent asked, “So Ricky, have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Well done, mom,” concluded Trent.