Doctor in Hazmat Suit Proclaims: 'CDC is Lying!'

Dr. Gil Mobley says the CDC isn’t doing enough to protect Americans from Ebola, and he’s making sure his point gets attention. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the concerned doctor.

Imagine you're at an airport and you see a doctor in an Ebola protection suit checking in. Then, you see him going through security. He'd get your attention, right?

That is just what he wants, because he says he's trying to warn America about Ebola.

Dr. Gil Mobley showed up at the airport in Atlanta wearing a biological protection suit.

On the back of Dr. Mobley's suit were written the words "CDC is lying."

In a video from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper you can see a TSA agent smile as Dr. Mobley goes through security.

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney spoke to the doctor.

"The CDC is asleep at the wheel," he said.

McInerney asked, “Is this exactly what you were wearing in the airport?”

“Actually, what I was wearing at the airport got confiscated once I boarded the plane,” said Dr. Mobley.

Dr. Mobley staged his protest after flying into Atlanta from Guatemala.

“I came through international customs yesterday in Atlanta, 10,000 people an hour sometimes, and they didn't ask me one question except 'did I have any tobacco and alcohol,' not if I had been sick, not if I had been overseas,” commented Dr. Mobley.

McInerney followed by saying, “Some people say what you were doing was irresponsible and that it's only spreading fear. What is your reaction to that?”

“They need to have fear. Ebola is coming to America and it's going to be really, really, difficult to keep it in check,” concluded Dr. Mobley.

Watch Dr. Mobley's Interview with INSIDE EDITION