White Woman Sues Sperm Bank After Having Bi-Racial Child

An Ohio mom is suing a sperm bank after she says she was mistakenly inseminated by a black donor, and some of her comments are sparking controversy. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Jennifer Cramblett says there was a mix-up at the sperm bank and she was mistakenly inseminated by a black donor.

She said, “I've always wanted a child.”

Now, there is intense reaction and some of it is quite negative to her TV interviews.

She said on the Today show, "We chose a blonde-haired, blue-eyed individual."

Cramblett and her partner Amanda Zinkon went to Midwest Sperm Bank in a Chicago suburb hoping to get pregnant with a baby who looked just like them. But while she was five months pregnant she discovered she had been inseminated with the wrong sperm. 

She said, “After a moment of panic, oh Lord, everything's changing on me so quickly. I knew I had to be strong. I have this child in my stomach.”  

She says in a lawsuit, she requested sperm from donor No. 380, a blond-haired, blue-eyed white man. But was given sperm from donor No. 330, an African American man.

The reason for the mix-up? She claims the sperm bank's numbers are handwritten and the number 380 looked like 330.  

In 2012, Cramblett gave birth to a beautiful mixed-race baby girl named Payton. She says she's worried about raising their baby in a predominatly white and rural Uniontown, Ohio, where even getting "a decent [hair] cut" for a black child is difficult."  According to court papers, she "must travel to a black neighborhood. Where she is not overtly welcome."

She said, “I want her to feel like she has a place with the people she has a place with white, black, Asian, whoever she feels comfortable around.”  

She also says some members of her family aren't accepting Payton. "One uncle in particular, speaks openly and derisively about persons of color," she says. As for herself, she says she "did not know African-Americans until her college days at the University of Akron."

Her remarks are not sitting well with everyone. 

One woman tweeted, "They have a right to be mad but no right to devalue a child."

Another person tweeted, "I don't think its racist the white lady suing the sperm bank for giving her a black donor."

On the Today show, Cramblett said, “We love her more to this day. She has made us the people that we are. Never trade it for the world.” 

The sperm bank had no comment.