Dr. Phil's Advice To Americans: Don't Panic

As news of Ebola in America takes center stage, Dr. Phil sits down with INSIDE EDITION for a message to the nation -- "Don't panic."

It's scary.

ABC News David Muir said, “The first confirmed case of Ebola right here in the United States.”

CNN's Chris Cuomo said, “Ebola it's here!”

Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselbeck said, “This morning a warning to you. The very deadly and contagious virus may have spread.”

A robo-call thousands of people in Dallas are getting said, “This is an emergency message from the city of Dallas. While this may be concerning, there is no ongoing danger to your health.”

It's easy to see why so many of us are concerned.
Jon Stewart joked on The Daily Show, “If you've been paying attention to the news lately, you might have heard, we're all gonna die!”

Stephen Colbert joked on The Colbert Report, “It is time for tonight's 'Deathpocalypse Now: Ebola in America: Fifty States of Grave.'”

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Dr. Phil along with his wife, Robin, at a national summit on domestic violence in Los Angeles on Friday. He says information is key to preventing panic.

Dr. Phil said, “Panic doesn't help anybody. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of Americans. Give them information so they can make informed decisions. We need information that needs to be readily available in a way that people understand and it needs to be correct."

As the Ebola crisis grows there are more and more questions. To help you better understand the virus and how it's transmitted and how to protect yourself, go to the CDC website.