Teacher-Student Sex Allegations Hit Epidemic Proportions

Teachers being charged with having sex with students has become so common, it's an epidemic. INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest cases across the country.

What the heck is going on? It seems like every week another young, attractive female teacher is  charged with having sex with her students.

Just last week in Louisiana, two teachers, that's right, two teachers were arrested for a shocking sex crime -- allegedly having three-way sex with a 16-year-old student after the school's Friday Night Lights football game.  

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At a press conference, police chief Michael Glaser said, “No matter what sex the victim is, everyone should be outraged."

The teen bragged to friends about the ménage à trios, claiming he'd captured it on videotape.

Police chief said, “We've heard the same rumors. We're trying to obtain any evidence we have."

A reporter asked, "Lauren, what were you thinking?"

That's the same question just about everyone in Kingston, Pennsylvania is asking. Thirty-two-year-old married English teacher Lauren Harrington-Cooper was recently convicted of having sex with at least two students, enticing them with the line: “All the candy you need is right here."  

Lauren Harrington-Cooper

Lauren's attorney told reporters, "Lauren has been diagnosed with some significant psychological issues."

Her attorney says that despite her good looks the teacher's low self-esteem led her down the road to ruin.

"She found comfort and solace in some people giving her attention,” said her lawyer.

HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, “It's an epidemic of student-teacher sex. Let's call it what it is."
There's more.

Jennifer Fichter

Would you believe another English teacher,  29-year old Jennifer Fichter, has been charged with having sex with three students from three different schools. She allegedly claims that one boy got her pregnant and she had to get an abortion. She's pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Velez-Mitchell said, "Six years ago she forced to resign from another teaching job after she revealed that she allegedly had feelings for a 14-year-old boy. Why didn't she lose her licence to teach?"

We're not done yet.

Brianne Altice

In Utah, yet another English teacher, 35-year-old Brianne Altice is accused of having sex with her sixteen-year-old student, in of all places, a church parking lot. She's pleaded not guilty.

Velez-Mitchell said, "They can feel important. They can feel desired. They can feel powerful. They can have control. But they're pedophiles, if they do this!"