'7th Heaven' Shocker! Did TV Dad Stephen Collins Confess to Molesting Children?

Shocking allegations have surfaced about 7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins. Did he admit to molesting children? INSIDE EDITION reports.

A staggering allegation has been aimed at actor Stephen Collins, the dad from TV's 7th Heaven.

Collins, who played a pastor on the TV drama, reportedly confessed to unspeakable acts of child abuse.

"There was one moment of touching where I put her hand on my -----," Collins allegedly confessed.

HLN host Nancy Grace told INSIDE EDITION, "When I first heard these allegations against Stephen Collins I was floored."

The recording was reportedly made in secret during a therapy session with Collins and his estranged wife, the actress Faye Grant.

In the recording, obtained by the website TMZ, the man said to be Collins confesses to molesting or exposing himself to three girls.

Collins was reportedly recorded confessing, "She was 11 and then, like, 12 and 13."

"Oh, my god!" exclaimed Grant.

INSIDE EDITION has learned that the New York Police Department's Special Victims Unit is investigating.

"It's just three?" asked Grant.


Grant asked, "You're sure?"

Collins reportedly replied, "Yes."

On the tape, Grant says she feels like she had been "shot in the face with a shotgun."

"It's hard to take in," said Grant.

7th Heaven ran for 11 years. It's the show that made a teenage Jessica Biel a star.

When TV Guide listed the best TV dads of all time, Collins' character was ranked #11.

"If this tape is for real - if this tape can be authenticated - I wouldn't worry about whether he's gonna be on TV anymore. I'd worry about whether he's gonna go to jail," said Grace.