Blinded by the Light! Laser Pointer Throws Quarterback Off His Game

The NFL is on the hunt for the guy who aimed a laser at a Buffalo Bills player who says it threw him off his game. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Buffalo Bills player Colton Schmidt was blinded by the light in a key moment during the game.

There was a green laser light landing on him. Schmidt says he was distracted and the kicker missed the 50-yard field goal.

The team's quarterback Kyle Orton also says he was distracted by a laser during Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions when he attempted a pass. He was pointing to his eyes and complaining to the referee.

"It's one thing to be cheered or booed, but whenever something like that happens, it completely throws you off your game," said Michael Strahan on ABC's Good Morning America.

National Columnist Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, told INSIDE EDITION, "It just really is a huge nuisance. It can disrupt a game. It can disrupt a play. In a lot of ways it can change the season."

So, who was the knucklehead allegedly pointing the laser from the stands?

During the game, a man calling himself Marko Beslach tweeted, "You see a green light on any of the Bills players just laugh cause it's me."

The Twitter page was later taken down.

INSIDE EDITION'S Megan Alexander demonstrated the effect of lasers in a football stadium.

"Lasers can be dangerous, leading to potential eye injuries. That's why I'm wearing these protective goggles. My colleague Joe is up in the stands and I'm way out here on the field. Even at this distance the laser can hit me straight in the eyes," said Alexander.

It's a growing problem.

Last year a Duke fan pointed a laser at Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

A referee during the Florida State game announced, "There was a laser being pointed on the field from the stands. It needs to be stopped, would security please take a look at section 343."

And, Russia's goalkeeper was blinded by a laser during this year's World Cup match.

"It's horrible to do something like that. It's horrible. In sports you can really alter a player's career. You can alter a player's destiny," said Freeman.

This latest case of laser harassment didn't cost Buffalo the game. The team still eeked out a 17 to 14 victory.