Alleged Secret Life of Stephen Collins Shocks Co-Stars

Stephen Collins was known for the good looks and casual charm, making it all the more shocking that he was allegedly leading a secret life. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The Stephen Collins scandal has hit like a bombshell, but in the audiotape that may have sealed his fate, his voice is eerily tranquil.

On the recording, Collins says, "The...the exposure happened a couple of times."

INSIDE EDITION asked psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere to analyze the tape.

Diane McInerney asked, "How did he remain so calm?"

Gardere explained, "I think Collins was not just calm, but also a little fearful about finally telling the truth. He was able to maintain his composure, but we see that with sociopaths."

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In contrast, the voice of his wife, Faye Grant trembles with emotion over the stunning revelations. In the recording, Grant says, "You have to understand, I was being shot in the face with a shotgun...You gotta understand that's hard to take in."

"I get it," replied Collins.

Gardere noted, "She's upset. She can't believe this is happening. But I think deep down inside, she may have known that there were certain things about him that just didn't sound right, that just didn't ring true."

In divorce papers obtained by INSIDE EDITION, Faye Grant claims that two years ago: "I learned for the first time that Stephen had been living a secret life...including sexually molesting three young girls over a decade ago."

In the audio recording, Grant asked, "So it's just three?"

"Yes," replied Collins.

"You're sure?" asked Grant.

"Yes," answered Collins.

But Grant believes there have been more victims than that, stating: "Stephen has narcissistic personality disorder with sociopathic tendencies...I am sickenend by Stephen's actions."

Collins was known for his handsome looks and casual charm as displayed when he appeared at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards with Beverley Mitchell, his TV daughter on 7th Heaven.

Collins said, "We've always had this bond, somehow, the two of us."

Mitchell replied, "We're tight."

Collins said, "It's not quite father and daughter. It's not quite older brother and little sister, 'cause I'd be the way older brother."

"It's friends," said Mitchell.

Now, his wholesome image is shattered forever.

Gardere noted, "What we cannot escape is that he has confessed to being a pedophile."