Security for Vice President Joe Biden Causes Major LAX Delays

Vice President Joe Biden got some laughs as a guest on the Tonight Show, but plenty of people weren't laughing at LAX after being delayed for hours because of security around Biden's travel.

Vice President Joe Biden was very funny on the Tonight Show, joking about that Russian spy swap.  

Jay Leno joked, "Let me ask you something, and you would know this Mr. Vice President, do we have any spies this hot?"

Biden replied, "Let me make it clear, it wasn't my idea to send her back!"  

But passengers at Los Angeles International Airport weren't laughing.  They were fuming after being stuck up to four hours waiting for Air Force 2 to take off.

Prominent Hollywood journalist, Sharon Waxman, was one of several hundred passengers left sitting on the runway while flights were delayed.

Waxman said, "A lot of people on my flight had to be off-loaded and shipped elsewhere, so it was a little bit of a nightmare."

A spokesman for the Vice President says, "We didn't ask for a hold" to be put on flights.   

The anger boiled over on the internet, where one enraged passenger wrote, "Just on our plane it resulted in half the passengers missing their flight, everyone missing their checked luggage, and more than four hours of delays."

Waxman said, "I think it's really easy to get caught in the bubble of the White House and to not be aware of what it's like for all the little people out there."