Stephen Collins' Next Door Nanny Reveals New Details

A woman identified at 'Ilene' phoned into a Boston radio station to reveal new details of Stephen Collins in the wake of the child molestation allegations against the actor. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

New insight is revealed into the private world of Stephen Collins and his now estranged wife, Faye Grant.

The nanny, identified only as Ilene, called into a Boston radio station. She says back in the 90's, she was a live-in nanny in a luxury building on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Collins lived in the apartment next door.   

"I used to be a nanny that worked right next door to Stephen Collins and Faye Grant. They're very nice parents to their daughter, but very odd," said the nanny.

"He used to come over for breakfast every morning and have breakfast next door with us," she continued. "He would show up in his striped pajamas." [Source: Mix 104.1]

Collins gave the nanny a copy of a book he had written called Eye Contact, which she found a bit racy.

The nanny said, "That was when he was also writing a semi-pornographic novel, as well."

We're also learning more about one disturbing incident involving Collins and a pre-teen relative that Collins admitted molesting in that now-infamous audio tape where he said, "She was 11 and then, like, 12 and 13."

"Oh, my God," replied his wife in the recording.

The youngster reportedly claims the 7th Heaven actor came into her bedroom "after showering wearing only a towel." She alleges he "exposed himself" and "touched her."

Although Collins is being investigated by police in New York and Los Angeles, HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell says he may never face prosecution.

Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, "There's statutes of limitations and there's a lot of problems with this case. I think the chances of him seeing any jail time are very remote, but there's a big if.... If this is it, if other people don't come out of the woodwork with similar allegations."

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Collins may now be unemployable. He had a recurring role on the ABC hit Scandal playing an anchorman. Just three weeks ago he tweeted: "Happy to say I did another episode of #Scandal. Had a gr8 time."

Collins has now been edited out of the episode.

A new report claims the actor is suicidal. A close family friend is quoted as saying the family fears: "He could take his own life. That's how low he is right now. No one wants to leave him by himself. " [Source: Daily Mail]

Collins and Grant have been married for 27 years. Their divorce trial is set to begin November 12th.