Into The Fire! Dad Runs Into Burning House To Rescue Poodles

Against all odds, a father saved his two dogs from his home that was engulfed in flames and it was all caught on video. INSIDE EDITION has his incredible story.

Rescues don't get much more dramatic than this.

"My dogs! They're in there!" shouted a homeowner as his house went up in flames.

The homeowner actually lifted his garage door and ran back inside, risking everything to save his two poodles.

Witnesses feared the worst.

"He went in to get his dog. The fire was kicking up," said Rameen Zarnagar, a passing construction worker who shot the amazing video of the blaze in San Jose, California.

But against all odds, the hero and the dogs emerged alive and, miraculously, unscathed.

"He got the dog man, he's out," Zarnagar said.

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively with the brave or, depending on your point of view, foolhardy man, José Guerra.

"I didn't want my dogs to die that way," he said.

José had already saved his five-year-old daughter, Kayli Jane, and his mother from the flames when he realized the family's toy poodles, Moko and Cherry, were still inside.

"I opened up the garage and yelled for them at first. 'Come here, Moko, Cherry! Come on!' I wasn't really scared. I didn't think about the fire, I was more worried about them," he said.

At first, the ferocity of the blaze was too much.

"I called for the dogs and they were in the back corner of the garage huddled in a corner. I grabbed them, picked them up and ran out," he said.

Moments after he carried the dogs out under his arm, explosions rang out.

"I'm like, 'Don't go in,' but he went right in," said Zarnager.

José was stunned when he saw the video for the first time.

"I didn't realize the flames were so big," he said.

The house has been completely gutted. It's fenced off because it's unsafe to go inside. It was even more treacherous when José ran through the wall of flames to save his two dogs. It's incredible they all made it out alive and unhurt.

INSIDE EDITION'S Jim Moret asked, "How do you feel being here with your two dogs right in front of your house?"

"Glad to be here at all. I'm glad to have them here," he said.