Traffic Jam Delivery - Mom Gives Birth In Taxi

New York City cab drivers have seen it all, but this might be a new one. A woman in labor, stuck in traffic, gave birth in the back seat of the cab! INSIDE EDITION caught up with the mom, baby, and cabbie.

One baby brings new meaning to the words "special delivery!"

Little William Steinhaus was born in a New York City taxicab.

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The drama began when his mother, Sarah, went into labor at her Manhattan apartment.

She said, "I remember saying what just happened, because my water broke."

Her husband, Joel, a banker, wasn't home. But his brother, Michael, a fourth-year-medical student, was close by and joined Sarah in the cab ride to the hospital.

Joel said, "In the off-chance anything happens, it's probably a good idea to have someone with medical training in the cab."

Well, the off-chance turned into a reality when the cab hit rush-hour traffic.

Traffic was moving at a crawl. The cab driver pulled over more than fifty blocks from the hospital, because Sarah was in great pain. And the baby just couldn't wait any longer.

"Immediately when I opened the door, I saw the baby's head starting to crown," said Michael.

Sarah added, "He was so calm about it, and just said, 'We're doing this here. Just push.'"

Little William was born in the taxicab, just minutes later.

Sarah's best friend, Joanna Carver, was also in the cab.

She said, "I called 911. I was on the phone with them saying that we're having a baby. And while we were still on the phone I said, 'We had the baby.'"

Joanna caught Sarah's raw emotion on film.

In the video, Joanna said, "Say something."

"This is not happening," Sarah said.

"You just had a baby in a taxi. How do you feel?" asked Joanna.

Sarah responded, "Okay."

An ambulance took them to the hospital with Michael carrying the beautiful, healthy baby boy.

Everyone's home now, enjoying the newest addition to the family. Even the cabbie, Osama Hassan, came to visit. 

This is one amazing tale about a baby born in a cab. When it comes to happy stories, this one's right off the meter.