Tony Stewart Slams Into Another NASCAR Driver's Car

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is at the center of controversy again, this time for slamming his car into another driver’s during a race. INSIDE EDITION has more.  

Tony Stewart was caught in the middle of a raging battle on the race track this weekend at the Bank of America 500. Stewart put his car in reverse and slammed it into a rival driver's car.

Stewart's actions come just two weeks after a Grand Jury decided not to bring criminal charges against him for running over twenty-year-old racer Kevin Ward Jr.

The bad blood at the Bank of America 500 over the weekend in Charlotte, N.C. happened when another driver, Brad Keselowski, hit Stewart's rear bumper. Thats when Stewart, behind the wheel of car number 14, backed into Keselowski's car in apparent retaliation.

The race was filled with drama. Keselowski and another driver, Matt Kenseth, were at each other multiple times during the race.

Keselowski and Kenseth took their fight mano-a-mano. It looked more like wrestling than racing. No fines have been announced as of yet.

As for the fight, race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. said it, "Looked like an episode of Cops."