Dentist Sues Patient Over Bad Yelp Review

A dentist is suing a couple after the husband posted a bad review on Yelp. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

A model says a Beverly Hills dentist gave her a new set of teeth that made her look like a horse.

Elise Golbert says she went to the dentist because she had pain in her jaw. She says Dr. Parsa Zedah talked her into putting caps on all her teeth.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “My teeth were these huge Chiclets, like rabbit's teeth. He made me believe that I needed to re-do my whole mouth. In fact, I had beautiful teeth."

Her husband, Jeff Cullen, brought a camera along for the procedure. He can be heard being skeptical, saying, "It looks perfect, perfect teeth."

He told INSIDE EDITION, "She didn't even have one filling. She had, in my opinion, a perfect set a teeth."

But Elise went ahead with the $30,000 procedure. Her husband had a surprised reaction when he saw her new set of teeth for first time.

He said in a video, "Big teeth. Wow!"

She replied, "Do you notice something different?"

He answered, "Huge teeth, actually. They're not going to be that big obviously?"

He told INSIDE EDITION, “They looked completely unnatural. I was trying to be nice when she came out of surgery, but it was appalling.”

Elise hated her new teeth.

She says the dentist refused to remedy the situation, so, her husband went on the popular website Yelp, best known for its restaurant reviews, and wrote a scathing review.

"The front teeth look like Mr. Ed. Of all the dentists in Beverly Hills do not choose this one,” it said

The review went on to call the dentist "a butcher and a crook.”   
And now, the dentist is suing the couple.

Elise said, “He's saying I’m lying. Now, he is suing me for fraud for $145,000. This is no joke.”

In his libel lawsuit, the doctor says the review "defames" his reputation and falsely depicts him as a "quack or inferior dentist when the opposite is true."

Elise says she needed to spend another $20,000 to make her teeth look natural.