Restaurant Smoke Bombing: Attack of the 'Mole People?'

Some are asking if a group of underground dwellers known as ‘The Mole People’ are responsible for a smoke bomb being thrown into a trendy New York restaurant. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It is a scene both baffling and terrifying on a New York City street. A subway hatch suddenly lifted and a man tossed a smoke bomb into a trendy downtown restaurant and created chaos.

Among the diners was actress Rose McGowan, who tweeted: “Someone just threw two red smoke bombs into the restaurant I was eating in. Eyes are burning.”

Panicked patrons fled from the suffocating smoke and everyone feared the worst. One woman said, “I thought it was ISIS because of what is going on! It is scary.”

After the mystery man threw the smoke bomb, he disappeared back where he came from, but why?

He climbed out of an underground grate that leads to the subway system. And now, some are wondering if he is a so-called “Mole person,” someone who lives below ground in what is a "city" beneath the city.  

They are desperately poor people who carve out lives for themselves underground as seen in the 2010 documentary, Undercity.  The plight of the mole people was also revealed in a 2003 episode of Law and Order: SVU, as a young woman is petrified when the cops bust into her underground lair.

In this real-life drama, cops are seeking a white male in his 20's with wavy blond hair, wearing black gloves, a baseball cap, and a multi-colored t-shirt with an American flag on the front.

Beyond that, they're looking for a reason why anyone would toss a smoke bomb into a restaurant packed with innocent people.