Is Long-Simmering Restaurant Feud Behind Smoke Bomb Attack?

Some are speculating that a long-running feud between two restaurants could be behind a mysterious smoke bomb attack. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

There's new video of the smoke bomb attack as patrons ate at a trendy celebrity restaurant in New York.

Now, some are wondering whether a long-simmering restaurant feud is behind the attack.

The smoke bomb was thrown at diners at an Italian restaurant known as Bar Pitti in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. The new surveillance video was taken from a camera at rival restaurant Da Silvano, another Italian restaurant right next door.

Both restaurants are celebrity magnets. Rihanna has drawn a crowd on her way out of Da Silvano, and Lindsay Lohan has been spotted outside Bar Pitti.

The restaurants have been battling each other in a feud for over a decade. And get this, the fight started over meatballs.

Sierra Tishgart, associate editor of Grub Street, said, "They've been accused of taking each other's recipes, which is where the meatball drama comes in. Both places are thriving. They have so many high-profile customers."

INSIDE EDITION was there as NYPD returned to the scene and checked out what exactly was under the subway grate.

The new video showed the grate slowly creeping open. A passerby noticed the partially open grate and walked around it.

Then, as the grate fully opened, the suspect tossed the smoke bomb. Red smoke billowed out.

And just like that, the suspect returned to the underground.

Did the feud play a role in the smoke bomb attack that's getting international attention? We may find out soon enough.

"Could you see, though, like somebody from a rival restaurant trying to sabotage their neighbor because they're rivals?" asked INSIDE EDITION'S Steven Fabian.

"Oh definitely. It could happen," responded Tishgart.

The manager of Da Silvano says they had nothing to do with the smoke bomb.