'I'll Give You a Balloon' Creepy Clowns Terrorize Community

A California town is being terrorized by creepy clowns, some of them carrying weapons. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Images of a clown are sure to creep you out.  

One photo showed a clown sitting on a park bench, clutching a bunch of balloons. Another showed a clown as he rode a mechanical horse outside a supermarket late at night.

In another picture, the clown has a blank stare as he sits on a playground swing. He even swung on a light pole just like the classic movie Singin' in the Rain.

The creepy clown is unsettling the citizens of Bakersfield, California.

A taunting Instagram photo said, “Come find me and I’ll give you a balloon.”

He's being compared to Pennywise, the killer clown from Stephen King's It who lives in a sewer.

Now, the creepy clown is inspiring copycats on social media. There have been 20 sightings of different clowns in just the last week. Some have reportedly been carrying machetes and baseball bats.  

Bakersfield Police Sergeant Joe Grubbs says there's nothing funny about the clown sightings and said, “There's a phobia of clowns, so people are just naturally scared of clowns."

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Others say the clowns don't pose any real menace. Some folks are even looking for them so they can pose for selfies.

Creepy clowns have caused sleepless nights before. Remember the clown who caused an uproar in the New York City borough of Staten Island last March?

Now, we have these guys to keep us up at night.