Shia LeBeouf on Broadway Arrest: 'Oh, It's That Kind of A Party'

Shia Labeouf came clean to Jimmy Kimmel over his bizarre behavior that led to his arrest after a Broadway show in New York. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Actor Shia LaBeouf gave his side of the story about his notorious arrest in New York City last June.

He told Jimmy Kimmel the reason for his bizarre behavior where he was videotaped chasing a homeless man through Times Square.   

He said, “We start getting into a conversation and a woman runs up, starts taking pictures of me with her cell phone and it trips him out. So, and I’m three sheets-to-the-wind and I can't really calm him down. He starts running down the road after 30 minutes of conversation. I start running after him. And I’m trying to calm this homeless man down in the middle of Times Square."

He also told Kimmel that he was still highly inebriated before the taking in a performance of the Broadway musical Cabaret, that stars actor Alan Cumming.  

LaBeouf said, “I give him a slap on the ass, because I think he deserves it and he's seducing me. He's the sexiest man I've ever seen. I slapped and grabbed him. We get to intermission and a person tells me, ‘There's another party outside.’ I'm thinking, ‘Oh, okay.’ And I see six cops having their own party. And, anyway, so, they took me to the station.”

LaBeouf was so belligerent cops put a spit mask over his mouth.  

He said, “I got to get out of this little cell with these six dudes, I'm tripping. And so, I figure, you know, I'm going to spit on this cop's shoe. That is my way out. It was. He put a mask on me, a Hannibal mask and a lead jacket and ushered me into my private little dwelling where I sat for 25 hours and then they gave me a McDonald's egg sandwich.”