Kesha's Shocking Allegations

Pop star Kesha is making shocking allegations against a producer who helped her land on the top of the charts. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Pop star Kesha skyrocketed to stardom with her number one hits like “Tik-Tok.”

Now she's making shocking allegations about the Svengali who made her a star, the music producer who calls himself "Dr. Luke."

The 27-year-old pop star filled a lawsuit Tuesday under her full name, Kesha Rose Sebert. In it she claims her long time producer, who's real name is Lukasz Gottwald, "Sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused her."

Kesha began working with Dr. Luke when she was an unknown 18-year-old. In the lawsuit, she claims Dr. Luke gave her the drug GHB, commonly known as the "date rape drug." When she woke up she says she found herself, "Naked in Dr. Luke's bed, sore and sick with no memory of how she got there."

In the lawsuit she also claims Dr. Luke called her, "A fat (expletive) refrigerator." And said, “You are not that talented, you are lucky to have me."

Dr. Luke is now fighting back filing a defamation lawsuit, stating that Kesha's claims were, "outrageous and untrue,” and that they are just, "attempts to extort," him into releasing Kesha from her exclusive recording agreement.

Kesha's attorney, Mark Geragos, appeared on Good Morning America and had this to say about Dr. Luke's lawsuit, “The lawsuit itself and the filing of it is just a continuation of what he's been doing. He has basically emotionally tortured this young lady for going on 10 years.”