Sick Or Treat - Ebola Is Halloween's Most Controversial Costume

This year’s most controversial Halloween costume is an Ebola hazmat suit. ‘Insensitive’ is just one word critics are using to describe it. INSIDE EDITION explains.

One guy got suited up in a hazmat suit, a breathing mask, and a face shield, but he's not preparing to enter an Ebola hot zone. He's just putting on this year's most popular and controversial Halloween costume.

Jonathan Weeks is Chief Executive of He told INSIDE EDITION, “The costumes are really popular. They're flying off the shelves. We're shipping them daily and the response has been enormous. We can't believe it ourselves.”

Check Out the Ebola Halloween Costume

Now, critics are calling the costume "tasteless."  

‘Sick or Treat ‘declared the front page of the New York Post.   

One woman said, "It's very insensitive. I don't think people are thinking about that. I don't think they're thinking about the families and the victims."

Weeks said, “You know anything could be inappropriate. There's costumes for 12 year olds that are inappropriate. Creepy, ghoulish, controversy. This is Halloween.”  

Some say the costumes are feeding into Ebola panic. The late night comics are sure finding the humor.  

Jon Stewart joked on The Daily Show, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself, so, we are going to go with fear!" Stewart then pushed his chair away from his desk and threw his arms in the air.