Cops Pull Out Guns and Spike Strips to Stop Speeding Mom in Labor

Cops pulled out all the stops to halt a speeding couple. Little did they know the woman inside the car was having a baby. INSIDE EDITION has more.

There was a high-speed car chase with sirens blaring. Police ordered the driver and his female passenger out of the car. The officers' guns were drawn.

"Put your hands up! Put your hands up now!" yelled police.

So, who was in the speeding car? A wanted criminal and his gun moll?

Not even close.

It was a husband and wife, and she was having a baby.

Rachel Kohnen was on her way to the hospital in Fort Dodge, Iowa, when her water broke. So her husband, Ben, put the pedal to the metal.

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Pretty soon a cop was on their tail, not suprising since Ben was doing 85 mph.

Rachel called 911 to explain the crisis.

She said, "The cops are following us. I'm having a baby."

She was having contractions so she handed the phone to Ben. You could hear Rachel screaming in pain.

Ben told 911, "We're having a baby and he's coming out, so we're heading to the hospital."

Unfortunately, word failed to reach police. Up ahead, a spike strip was placed in the road.

"They got my tires. They popped my tires and I'm about to have a baby in the seat," said Ben.

Rachel said, "Ben said, 'Never mind, they popped my tires,' and it dawned, this car is not going to be getting me to the hospital."

At gunpoint, Ben and Rachel were ordered out of the car by police shouting, "Get back. Get back. Down on your knees."

Rachel said, "I was clutching my stomach and screaming in the loudest voice, 'I am having a baby!'"

Ben yelled at police, "We're having a baby!"

He said, "I'm thinking in my head, I'm going to get tasered. I cannot get tasered right now, I have to get to the hospital."

Rachel, in understandable hysterics, was pleading with the cops not to arrest her husband.

She said, "You cannot put him in cuffs!"

Finally, a cop realized Rachel's delicate condition.

Rachel said the cop told her, "Oh! Ma'am, you need to get in the car with me right now."

"Once we realized the young lady in the car was pregnant and actively in labor, we put her in our lieutenant's car and started to the hospital with her," said an officer.

As Ben watched, Rachel took off, this time in the back of a police car bound for the hospital.

One hour later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Hazel.

This young lady will have quite the story to tell about the night she came into the world.