The Flying Couch

It could be one of the most inventive ways to move a couch out of an apartment when it won’t fit through the door—fly it out! INSIDE EDITION has the story. 

How do you move a big couch out of an apartment when it's too large to go through the door?

Only one way, over the balcony.

It can't possibly end well.

Kimberly Benz, the wife of the man trying to move the couch, said, "I thought he was totally insane so I videotaped the entire thing."

The video may remind you of an episode of Friends from 1999.

INSIDE EDITION also found other real life moving disasters on YouTube.

One was of a couch which ended up crashing into a window after it fell. Did they really expect a guy to catch a couch?

It's not just couches, though.

Imagine moving a giant crane. Or a saint. Or a piano, which the movers forgot was on wheels. Each of them crashed.

Back to that couch in Louisville, Kentucky, there were two wires strung from the balcony to the ground. It actually worked.

Even the wife recording the scene expressed surprise that her husband's inventive couch-moving method was a success.

Kimberly said, "I thought for sure it was going to fall apart and I wanted it on video when my couch either broke, or either when they fell over the balcony. But it worked out perfectly. He was a genius."