Bikinis and Bazookas: Was Calendar Shot on a Military Base?

A sexy new calendar is sparking controversy. Were the bikini-clad women on a U.S. military base for the photo shoot? INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Gorgeous models in skimpy outfits were firing guns, riding in tanks, and even throwing explosives.

Now the question is, were they on a U.S. military base using Army equipment without official permission?

A newly-released video shows the beauties acting like soldiers while posing for a calendar called Hot Shots.

In the video, one of the models says, "Hi everyone, welcome to Hot Shots 2015! We've got loads of tanks, boats, helicopters, and, of course, loads of guns!"

As soon as the video came to light, reports claimed it was shot at the National Guard base in Draper, Utah, and the Army is hopping mad.

A spokesman for the Guard said, "There was no official approval for this project."

He added that an investigation is underway to determine if the video made use of military "equipment, facilities, and personnel."

Mike Newman directed the video. He says it was not, repeat not shot at the National Guard base, but at the adjacent Big Shot Ranch.

"I can tell you that all the weapons used to shoot the video were all shot on the Big Shot Ranch," says Newman.

So, a sexy calendar shoot triggers a military investigation. Stay tuned.