Is 'Fearbola' Out of Control?

Ebola panic is escalating across the nation as authorities try to keep the public calm. INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest fears and talks to a man selling something called "Ebola C.'

Is America suffering from a really bad case of 'Fearbola?'

Sixty-five percent of Americans say they're worried about an Ebola epidemic in a new poll. Only 35 percent say they're not worried. [Source: Washington ost - ABC News]

Fox News' Shephard Smith is urging calm, saying, "There is no Ebola spreading in America." He continued, "Being afraid at all is the wrong thing to do. Being petrified is ridiculous."

The View's Rosie O'Donnell agrees, saying, "Do not let hysteria rule your life. In the last week, 703 Americans were killed by guns. Six hundred two were killed by unintentional falls, and one was killed by Ebola."

Now, this businessman, Todd Spinelli, is selling something called Ebola C. The website says: "Because there is no cure for Ebola it is up to all Americans to defend themselves now!"

Ebola C sells for $34.95, and Spinelli says he's selling 14,000 bottles a day.  It turns out Ebola C is nothing more than a mega-dose of Vitamin C.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian asked Spinelli, "There's no proof that it does anything towards Ebola."

Spinelli replied, "There's a lot of studies that prove that all types of viruses can be defended against with Vitamin C and Ebola is just a simple virus."

"I don't know that people would call it a simple virus," said Fabian.

But Dr. Travis Stork of the TV show The Doctors told INSIDE EDITION, "If you want to raise my ire as a physician, it's people trying to profit off other's fears. That's what people are doing. Vitamin C is not going to prevent you from getting Ebola."

But that hasn't stopped this businessman from making a killing off 'Fearbola.'

"How much money have you made off of this product?" asked Fabian.

Spinelli answered, "We've topped a million dollars in sales."

"A million dollars for something that doesn't necessarily work or do anything, it really is just Vitamin C," said Fabian.

Dr. Stork said, "When people try to profit off of people's fears, it drives me nuts!"