'Have a Hart' Kevin Hart Pleas to Have Selfie Bus Driver Reinstated

Kevin Hart took to social media, pleading to National Car Rental to have compassion toward the bus driver who stopped her bus to take a selfie with him. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Kevin Hart takes on National Car Rental as he comes to the defense of the shuttle bus driver who got in trouble for taking a selfie with him.

National Car Rental suspended Ganesha Douglas after she left her bus idling at Los Angeles International Airport so she could get out and take a selfie with Kevin Hart.

After INSIDE EDITION spoke to Douglas we reached out to Kevin Hart and asked if he could do anything to help her save her job. He did just that, posting a video for his nearly 35 million followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In the video, Hart says, "Come on! Have some compassion!" He continues, "I'm asking National to please give this woman a pass. I love National and if I had seen me I'd have taken a selfie with me too!"

Douglas tearfully told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "I just want to say thank you. He took the time to make this video and I am very grateful. I'm overwhelmed by this video."

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So will his plea help Douglas keep her job?

Moret asked, "You're going to show them this video?"

"Yes, I am," said Douglas.

"And what do you hope that this will accomplish?" asked Moret.

"That they will take into consideration and let me come back to work," she replied.

INSIDE EDITION waited outside National Car Rental's offices Friday as she met with her bosses. Then, the moment of truth.

Douglas came out to announce, "Yay! I got my job back!"

Effective immediately, Ganesha Douglas is back on the job, thanks to a big-hearted guy named Kevin Hart.