First Video of Ebola Nurse Nina Pham in Hospital

Video of Ebola nurse Nina Pham in the hospital has been released, revealing her condition. Meanwhile, concern is raised on a cruise ship where another Ebola health care worker is on board. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Ebola nurse Nina Pham wiped away tears as she fights for her life.

In the first video of Pham taken inside the hospital, she says, "I love you guys."

"We love you, Nina," said a doctor.

Doctors praised her for her courage as they said goodbye shortly before she was transferred to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Brave Nina even cracked a joke, saying, "Come to Maryland, everybody."

"Party? Party in Maryland?" joked a doctor.

CBS News contributor Dr. David Agus analyzed the first video of 26-year-old Pham for INSIDE EDITION and says she may be sicker than she seems.

"The way this virus works is you slowly get sicker and then you get better. We don't know where she is on that curve. She could be on the getting sicker part or she could be on the getting better part," said Agus.  

Pham asked for the video to be released. It was shot at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas where she contracted Ebola while caring for patient zero, Thomas Eric Duncan.

There's a board on the wall with what appears to be get well messages from family and friends.

Her doctor, protected in a hazmat suit, reached for a tissue and gently handed it to Pham, saying, "Don't cry. It's not allowed."

Pham was carefully going down the steps and being helped to an ambulance when she arrived in Maryland hours later.

National Institute of Health Dr. Anthony Fauci described her condition Friday.

"She is in good spirits. She is a highly intelligent, aware person who knows exactly what is going on and she's a really terrific person," said Dr. Fauci.

Meanwhile, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is going on the offensive, denouncing the nurse who went on national TV and leveled accusations of incompetence.

The nurse said, "I saw people who were supposed to be in charge, being the CDC and the Infectious Control Department telling doctors and nurses to do things that were not safe."

A hospital statement said: "It is incorrect and disturbing to many of our staff to hear exaggerations about their commitment to the organization they love."

INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero spoke with ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Richard Besser outside the hospital and asked, "Many people call that hospital the Nieman Marcus of hospitals, but now they're calling it the J.C. Penney of hospitals. How damaging has this been here in Dallas for this hospital?"

Watch More of Dr. Besser's Interview

Dr. Besser replied, "I think it's really unfortunate. Here you have a hospital providing great care in this community and they are going to be looked at now as the hospital that blew it with the first case Ebola."

And the Ebola crisis has hit a cruise ship, the Carnival Magic. The supervisor of the lab at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who handled the fluid samples of patient zero boarded the ship for a seven-day vacation. But now she is in quarantine, a virtual prisoner in her cabin with a traveling companion. The governments of Belize and Mexico refused to let her disembark. The ship is expected to return to the U.S. Sunday.

A Carnival statement said: "At no point did the passenger exhibit any symptoms of Ebola."