We Found Him! INSIDE EDITION Tracks Down Fire Rescue Hero

INSIDE EDITION tracked down the hero who didn’t hesitate to rescue a man from his burning home, carrying him out over his shoulders.

Who's the guy in the blue cap?

The mysterious man was videotaped slinging a grandfather over his shoulder after rescuing him from a house fire. Now, everyone wants to know, who's this new American hero who risked everything to save a stranger?

He strode away moments after the daring rescue never saying a word, not even telling people his name.

Here's what we know: A 73-year-old grandfather hooked up to an oxygen tank found himself trapped inside his kitchen in Fresno, California, when fire broke out in the garage.

A passerby caught the drama on her cell phone. You can hear the panicked voice of the trapped grandfather's daughter calling out to him, "Poppy! Get my dad!"

Enter the guy in the blue Los Angeles Dodgers cap. In the video he can be seen walking right towards the inferno.

The woman who shot the video told INSIDE EDITION, "I do remember this man in a blue cap is very calmly walking toward where the house was."

Forty agonizing seconds passed. And then, there he was. Blue hat guy emerged carrying the grandfather, identified as Robert Wells, over his shoulder.

"Thank God!" cried a witness.

Then, just like that, the hero disappeared.

So, who is he? Well, now we know! His name is Tom Artiaga, he's 48 years old, and he works as a truck driver.

Artiaga told INSIDE EDITION, "I was driving by actually and I heard the girl screaming her dad was in there. It was just instincts to help out someone."

Like a lot of American heroes, Artiaga is as humble as can be. He says he's no hero just a regular guy in a blue baseball cap.