Dog Steals Weatherman's Forecast

A weather forecast was taken over by one rambunctious dog. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It started out as doggy playtime, but one weather forecast quickly went haywire.

Mike Sobel of Global Edmonton TV attempted to give a full weather report with a large dog named Ripple.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked, ‘So this was the most rambunctious dog you've ever had on the show?”

He said, “Absolutely, I’ve had many dogs and many have done entertaining things. But this is the one that really took things over.”

The spunky dog was on the show to promote animal adoption.  

As Sobel continued to deliver the five day forecast, Ripple continued his relentless game of tug of war. Before Sobel knew it, Ripple had chewed his way through the leash.

Sobel said, “He bites off the leash but the bottom line is he wanted to play with the leash. Well, I figure I’ll keep him playing with the leash and I’m not going to stop doing the weather cause that's what I do. Sure it was rambunctious but there’s got to be family out there that's going to take advantage of the love that a dog like that can give them."