Mel Gibson's Rage Fueled by Oksana's Dress

INSIDE EDITION looks at the dress worn by Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend that he said, in his angry rant, was "provocative."  

It's the dress that prompted this rant from Mel Gibson, when he said, "And that green thing today was enough.  That's provocative!"

Oksana Grigorieva wore the teal-colored dress to the premiere of Gibson's movie, Edge of Darkness, in Madrid last February.  The grecian style is sexy but elegant.

In a recorded phone conversation, Gibson said to Grigorieva, "You go out in public and it's a ______ embarrassment to me.  You look like a ____ ____ on heat.  And if you get raped by a pack of ______ it will be your fault!  All right?"

We showed a photo of Grigorieva wearing the dress to fashion expert Katrina Szish.

"It skims her body but it's not too tight.  The neckline doesn't plunge too much.  It's really one of the most basic, safe red carpet dresses that you would see on anyone in Hollywood."

When she walked the red carpet by Gibson's side, Grigorieva wore chic dresses typical of a young Hollywood woman.

"Based on Mel Gibson's rants about Oksana style of dressing, I think he is completely out of touch and completely off-base.  There is nothing questionable or risqué about the clothing she chooses to wear in public."