Dude, That's My Car! Keene State College Pumpkin Riot Trashes Student's Car

INSIDE EDITION reports on the New Hampshire annual pumpkin festival that escalated into riots at Keene State College.

What a crazy scene of these dudes overturning a car and then jumping up and down on it!

The disturbances took place at Keene state College in New Hampshire, during the city's famous, and usually tamed, pumpkin festival. It's so well known for its family-friendly atmosphere that late-night comics recently used it for laughs after the quaint New England town received a grant to purchase an armored personnel vehicle called a "Bearcat."

Comedian John Oliver said, "It’s enabled small towns like Keene, New Hampshire to apply for a bearcat, a military grade armored personnel truck. Which, they needed because, as their application argued, 'The terrorism threat is far reaching and often unforeseen.' And sited as a possible target, their annual pumpkin festival."

Jon Stewart said on The Daily Show, "It's definitely a target; I mean we are talking about America's premier pumpkin festival."

Well, who's laughing now? Drunken revelers threw bottles and ripped down street signs. Cops showed up in riot gear to disperse the crowd. It was out of control.

Some kind-hearted Keene State College students joined homeowners in cleaning up the mess. And the owner of the upside down car just wishes he had picked a different place to park. 

The car owner, Tyler Bogdonas told INSIDE EDITION, "My windows are smashed, my hood is bent in, my bumper is ripped off. There are beer cans thrown in my car. Someone tried to light my car on fire. I don't know if I'm ever going to go to pumpkin fest again that’s for sure."

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