Mystery Hero Reunited With Grateful Family

INSIDE EDITION was there as the hero known as "The Man in the Blue Cap" reunited with the grandfather he saved from a burning house.

There was a firm handshake for the stranger in the blue cap who saved a grandpa's life. They met for the first time since the hero made that daring rescue that captured the attention of the nation.

No one knew his name. After slinging 74-year-old Robert Wells over his shoulder and carrying him to safety, the guy in the blue baseball cap just walked away, never saying a word.

But INSIDE EDITION tracked down 48-year-old truck driver Tom Artiaga for a well-deserved thank you. 

Robert Wells' granddaughter said, "This is our angel."  

Watch the Reunion

The Wells family is staying in a hotel because their home in Fresno, California was burned to the ground.

Robert Wells' daughter said, "We just don't have anywhere to go. We completely lost everything."

Robert Wells needs an oxygen tank to breathe. His daughter and granddaughter say they thought he was right behind them when they ran for their lives and were sickened with fear when they realized he was still trapped inside all that smoke and fire.

Wells' daughter told Artiaga, "You heard me screaming for my dad and if it wasn't for you, I don't think he would be sitting here right now."

Grandpa suffered smoke inhalation, but he hasn't lost his sense of humor. He told Artiaga, "I want to thank you for that ride you gave me coming out of the back door. It was quick."