Monica Lewinsky's Return to the Bullied Pulpit

In her first public speech, Monica Lewinsky said she was ‘patient zero’ for cyberbullying. Well, it may be happening all over again. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Monica Lewinsky's new campaign to end cyberbullying may be backfiring.

Internet trolls are taking aim at the former White House intern following her first public speech ever.

"I was patient zero," said Lewinsky.

Lewinsky's new Twitter account earned 60,000 followers and counting in just one day. But some of the postings are so nasty we can't show them.

It's clear that 16 years after the exposure of her affair with Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky is still a hot topic. Rection to her speech was mixed.

On Fox News Martha MacCallum said, "She's playing the victim. She's saying, 'Poor me because I became patient zero.' "

On CNN Kelly Wallace said, "The haters are going to be out there. They're already out there on Twitter and the critics are going to be there. But the word brave kept coming to my mind."

Monica Lewinsky must have known what was coming her way. Cyberbullying seems to be targeting her yet again.

Lewinsky said, "I would go online, read in a paper or see on TV people referring to me as tramp, slut, whore."