More of Mel Gibson's Rant Revealed on a Third Tape

A third audio tape has been released with more of Mel Gibson's rant against his ex-girlfriend that is shocking the nation. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.  

More rage from Mel Gibson as newly-released audiotape rants against Oksana Griegorieva reach a fever pitch.

Gibson: "You don't ____ count!  You're a ___ using whore!  I don't understand you!  You're saying stupid ___!  Your logic sucks because you're a ___ mentally deprived idiot!"

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reports from outside the house where Oksana Grigorieva lives with the child she had with Mel Gibson.  Gibson and Oksana argued over the child, and over the nanny hired to take care of the baby.  On that issue, Oksana stood strong.

Gibson: "The baby should be here, and she should work at my house."

Oksana: "The baby is where I am.  You are insane."

Regarding the nanny, Gibson's revealed his racist tendencies.

Gibson: "I'll report her to the ___ people that take ___ money from the wetbacks, okay?"

The phone call ended abruptly.

Oksana: "She's my child too."

Gibson:  "Yeah, I know.  Unfortunately, you ____ ____.  Hope she doesn't turn out like you!" (as he slams down phone).

Radio psychologist Dr. Joy Browne said, "Mel Gibson's audio clearly describes a man, number one, really angry, really feeling sorry for himself, and really out of control."

The full audiotape is available on radaronline, and Gibson seems to indirectly confirm that he struck Oksana. 

Oksana:  "You were hitting a woman with a child in her hands.  You - what kind of man is that?  Hitting a woman when she's holding a child in her hands!  Breaking her teeth, twice in the face!  What kind of man is that?"

Gibson: "Mmmm, oh, you're all angry now.  You ____ deserved it."

Grigorieva: "You're going to answer, one day, boy, you're going to answer."

Gibson sought therapy earlier this year to deal with his anger issues, according to People magazine.

Dan Caplan, Senior Editor of People magazine said, "He was in a relationship that he considered unhealthy and that he really wanted to get out of it.  In fact, a source tells People he wanted to extracate himself from that relationship with Oksana."

Gibson reportedly offered Oksana a deal worth $20 million to settle their bitter custoday battle, but Oksana was said to be afraid to leave the child alone with Gibson.

Oksana: "I'm not the one to threaten."

Gibson: "I'm threatening.  I'll put you in a ___ rose garden, you ____.  You understand that?  'Cause I'm capable of it.  You understand that?  Get a ____ restraining order."

Robin Sax, former Los Angeles prosecutor said, "There is likely to be some sort of charges in this case. It may necessarily be charges with an arrest, but I think that we will see that there are enough pieces of evidence at this point to certainly warrant the filing of domestic violence."

Meanwhile, the Hollywood community remains in retreat from the man they once embraced.  Representatives for Jodie Foster, a long-time friend who just directed him in a movie, say she's unable to comment. 

A spokesman for Danny Glover, Gibson's co-star from the Lethal Weapon films said,  "At this time, Mr. Glover does not have a comment." 

And Gibson's ex-wife, Robin, is also been keeping a low profile.

Gibson: "I left my wife because we had no spiritual common ground.  You and I have none!  Zero!  You won't even ___ try!"