The Palin Tapes: Bristol's Profanity-Laced Account

Police photos and audio recordings from the Palin family brawl have been released, and Bristol had a lot to say. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Bristol Palin was seen covering her face after that nasty brawl involving the whole Palin clan.

Police photos and audio recordings have just been released, and the former Dancing with the Stars contestant says she was coming to the defense of her sister, Willow.

Bristol said, "I’m going to defend my sister. She's 20 years old. A guy comes out of nowhere and pushes me on the ground, takes me by my feet, in my dress, in my thong dress, in front of everybody. 'Come on you [expletive], get the [expletive] out of here. Come on you slut, get the [expletive] out of here.'"  

Witnesses said Bristol was throwing right hooks that would make a prizefighter proud. The police report describes her as having been "heavily intoxicated." She was wearing a camo skirt and the back of her jacket is muddied.

In the recordings, Willow confirms that Bristol was throwing punches, saying, "She didn't hit him once in the face. She missed every [expletive] time."

Then, the one and only Sarah Palin got into it. She can be heard on the police tape lashing out at the guy who she says went after Bristol, saying, "What would he be doing pushing girls around though?"

Sarah's husband, Todd gets in the guy's face, saying, “Did you call Bristol a slut, or what's up man?"

The man replied, "You need to go on another reality show."

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Shushannah Walshe, Deputy Political Director at ABC News and co-author of Sarah from Alaska.

She said, "You can see from the police reports, from the audio, that there are people that like the Palin's and there are people that didn't like the Palin's. Just like across the country."

Hear More from Walshe and the Recordings

The fight took place last month in Anchorage during a birthday party. The Palin’s arrived in a stretch Hummer. Bristol and Willow arrived wearing shades and quote "behaved like little Hollywood starlets," according to one witness.

Bristol said, "They took my $300 sunglasses. They took my [expletive] shoes, and then just [expletive] left here?"

In the police photos, Bristol showed off her manicured nails and hands, apparently to show cops she didn't land any punches. But other shots show her big brother Track's bloodied elbow and finger.

Track could be heard, who was said to be drinking, having a little trouble with his name as he tried to spell military style.

He said, "Papa, Alfa, Lima, India, Mike, Oscar."

A police officer asked, "Palimo?"

Sarah Palin was not seen in any of the police photos, but her feet might have made it into a shot. She was said to be wearing red, white and blue sneakers at the party.

The 911 call from a neighbor that triggered the police response was also just released.

Caller: "They've had a big party down at the corner, and now we've got people out fighting and cursing and really, it needs to stop."

The aftermath of the bloody Palin family brawl all caught on tape.