Canadian Parliament Under Siege In Multiple Shootings

Multiple shootings in and around Canada's Parliament have Ottawa on lockdown. INSIDE EDITION reports on the breaking details.

Canada's Parliament building under siege.

The unsettling video now has the entire world holding its breath, searching for answers to what exactly happened.  

Here's the timeline of terror:

10:00 a.m: A soldier guarding the war memorial in the capital city of Ottawa is gunned down.

10:22 a.m: The first bulletins hit the airways.
A YouTube video shows CPR being administered and a photo was taken of the fallen soldier being taken away in an ambulance.  

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Peter Henderson who heard the shots. Henderson described, "I heard four gunshots behind at the war memorial as I was walking to my office. At first, it was confusing because when you hear gunshots in downtown Ottawa, you think it's construction."

Hear From College Students Who Are on Lockdown

Police shot the suspected terrorist dead.

The next moment, another extraordinary scene of a shoot-em-up in the hallways of Parliament. One, possibly two terrorists are on the loose.

11:30 a.m: The first eyewitness to the shoot-out comes forward.

"Smoke filled the main foyer area. The police were taking cover, had their guns drawn. It was a very fluid situation," explained the witness.

A desperate floor-to-floor search for the gunmen is conducted inside Parliament.

Here's the first tweeted photo inside the hallowed chamber itself, where chairs were piled up to block the doors.

People ran for their lives. Cops aimed their weaponry at the rooftop, fearing a sniper attack. Downtown Ottawa is in total lockdown.

Fox News' Shepard Smith asked, "Could some terror group around the world be responsible for this in some way?"

Moments of chaos as fear grips the capital city of a great American ally.