Bentley the "Ebola Dog" - He's A-OK

Some encouraging news emerges from the Ebola crisis--nurse Nina Pham's dog is cleared of Ebola as well as the second Dallas nurse, Amber Vinson. INSIDE EDITION has details.

Bentley does not have Ebola!

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who captured hearts across the nation, has tested negative for the deadly virus, but he will remain in quarantine for another 12 days just to be sure.

Dr. Catherine McManus of Dallas Animal Services told INSIDE EDITION, “We're so excited that he's negative."

The city of Dallas released a new video of Bentley in his temporary home at a decommissioned naval station. He seemed really happy, wagging his tail as a vet in full hazmat gear come to clean out his crate.

They played fetch with Bentley's new favorite toy, a stuffed fox!

Meanwhile, Bentley's owner, nurse Nina Pham, is doing well. Her condition has been upgraded from fair to good.

There is more encouraging news in the fight against Ebola. Nina's colleague, nurse Amber Vinson, no longer has Ebola!

Her family released a new photo of Amber just taken at the hospital and a statement saying, "We are overjoyed to announce that officials at Emory University Hospital and the Centers for Disease Control are no longer able to detect the virus in her body."

When Amber's finally released, she is in for quite a shock when she comes home. In the process of sanitizing her apartment, a cleaning crew ripped the carpets out of every room, her bed was taken apart, and the cabinets were emptied. Nothing was left in her fridge.

In all, more than 53 drums of hazardous waste were removed from Amber's home.