'You Can't Stop Us!' Brazen Bikers Taunt Highway Patrol

A pack of motorcyclists took over a busy California highway and even taunted a highway patrolman. INSIDE EDITION has more.

A wolf pack of motorcyclists took over a California highway. It was a frightening scene, lawlessness on the roads.

And it got worse. They mocked a highway patrolman as he tried to pull them over. In video of the incident a biker can be heard laughing as if he could care less.

Then, that biker had the nerve to shoo the patrolman away. There was nothing the officer could do. He was outnumbered.

The bikers started celebrating with raised fists.

The video of the incident was posted on YouTube by a guy who calls himself "Guru Stunts."

Cops are now scouring every frame looking for clues.

Someone by the same name has posted lots of videos on Facebook showing riders ignoring traffic laws, surrounding terrified drivers, and even riding on sidewalks.

An unidentified cyclist boasted that police are helpless.

He said, "They can't stop us. We will always do this (blank). Sit back and watch."

Now, this next clue. The biker who made the video outside San Jose in northern California was wearing red shoes, his gloves were black and white checked, and both arms are fully tattooed.

It's happening all over the U.S.A.

Just this week in Philadelphia, hundreds of riders took over streets.

And, of course, there was the notorious case in New York City from 2013. A young father fled bikers in his Range Rover, but very soon he was cornered. Then, he was dragged from his car and brutally beaten in front of his wife and little daughter.