Barefoot Bandit Gets Jail Time in Bahamas

INSIDE EDITION is following the developments of the arrest of the "Barefoot Bandit" as he quickly gets sentenced to jail time in the Bahamas and will soon be deported to the U.S.

Swift justice in the Bahamas.  Just three days after his capture, the "Barefoot Bandit," Colton Harris Moore, was sentenced to three months behind bars.

There was massive security at the courthouse for his brief hearing Tuesday, with elite military units and S.W.A.T. teams.

The "Barefoot Bandit" pled guilty to illegally landing a plane he crashed. He is expected to be deported before he completes his jail sentence.

The 19-year-old "Barefoot Bandit"'s final minutes of freedom, including his dramatic arrest, were all caught on video.

You can see him on surveillance video running on a dock on a remote island in the Bahamas.  He had a gun in his hand.

After he steals a small boat, cops commandeered a launch for a dramatic chase at sea.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd reports from the boat where the Bandit spent his last moments of freedom.   The engine is riddled with bullets, and a few stray bullets made their way upward to where he was standing, trying to get away.  Three stray bullets struck around the area an inch or two in either direction and he may have been killed on this boat.

Boyd spoke to William Sport, who owns the boat the Bandit used to make his escape, and asked, "What do you think when you look at all those bullet holes in the back of your boat?"

"I think someone's got to pay for this.  The Bahamian government has said they will be responsible for it and the FBI said stop him at any cost, and the cost is going to be the cost of the boat," said Sport.

Jordan Sackett's boat was commandeered by police for the chase, and he went with them.

Sackett said, "As we were approaching him we started screaming 'You're caught.  You're caught.'  Throw down your weapon.  And he's holding a gun to his head, saying, 'I'm not going back to jail! I'm going to kill myself.' "

But the Bandit, who has become a cult figure during his two years on the run, threw the gun overboard and surrendered without a fight.

Boyd asked, "What was he saying during all of this?"

Sackett said, "He was screaming 'Don't shoot!  Don't shoot!  I don't want to die.'  He was in surrender mode at this point."

Behind him on the stolen boat, the "Barefoot Bandit" fittingly left a pair of sneakers.