Hero Hounds Back In Business After Taking Down White House Fence Jumper

The two attack dogs that took down the latest White House fence jumper are now back to work protecting the first family. INSIDE EDITION has their story.

The hero hounds of the U.S. Secret Service are back at work. Jordan and Hurricane, who brought down a White House intruder despite his aiming vicious kicks at them, have recovered from their injuries and are now "ready to work."

In a Twitter update, the Secret Service gave information about the dogs. Agent Hurricane is a black Belgian Malinois, six years old, who “enjoys playing with his Kong toy."

Agent Jordan is a black-and-tan Malinois, age five, who "enjoys walks around The White House."

Former U.S. Army K-9 trainer Anthony Jerone showed INSIDE EDITION how the attack dogs are obedient and attack on command. Jerone commented on Jordan and Hurricane and said, "I think they did an awesome job."

Meanwhile, there was a heartbreaking seen as two dogs owned by the guard slain in the Canadian terror attack wait vainly for their master's return. They peeked out from under a gate, pining for a reunion that will never come.

And INSIDE EDITION is now learning about some courageous scenes that took place during the shooting.

When one group of lawmakers heard the barrage of bullets in the corridor outside, they realized they had to shield the Prime Minister. So, they actually grabbed the flagpoles that adorned their committee room, snapped them in half to form makeshift spears, and guarded the Premier.