Are Vacant Houses The New Dumping Grounds For Serial Killers?

Cops say an accused serial killer in Gary, Indiana dumped the bodies of his victims in vacant homes. INSIDE EDITION goes into some homes where no one wants to go.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent entered the dumping grounds of an accused serial killer.

Trent went with armed private detective Brad Germin and they had no idea what might be lurking inside the abandoned home.

What they found inside was a filthy, disgusting, mess. Ceilings were falling apart, dirty mattresses and broken pipes were everywhere. It was hard to imagine that a family once lived here.  

Trent said, “It seems like the perfect place to dump a body.”

Germin said, “If you are thinking like a criminal and you don't want somebody to find anything,  you are going to put the body where nobody is going to go.”

Trent asked, “Because nobody is coming here?”

“Nobody is coming here,” replied Germin.

The city of Gary, Indiana, renowned as the birthplace of Michael Jackson, has been on a downhill spiral for years.

Darren Vann is suspected of having slain at least seven women in and around Gary. Four women have been identified. The bodies weren't buried in a remote area on the outskirts of town. Instead, he allegedly just deposited most of them in abandoned homes throughout the city.

Longtime Gary resident Harold Blakely pointed out some of the lovely homes that still exist in the neighborhood. But he says they are overshadowed by abandoned structures right next door.     
Trent asked, “Are you surprised when you hear there is this alleged serial killer and one of the bodies were found right there?”

Blakely said, “Absolutely shocked.”

Trent ventured into other abandoned homes. The remnants is filled with what was once family life as children's toys are scattered around.

Trent said, “This is a total mess.”

It is mostly just garbage everywhere, and mold, lots of mold. The houses look like they're about to collapse. These are the places where bodies can be dumped with little fear anyone would ever find them.   

Tom Smith is a former police officer in Gary.  

Trent asked, “Would you be surprised if there were more victims out there?”

“Wouldn't be surprised at all,” replied Smith.