Untold Secrets of Jackie and JFK Jr.

Christopher Andersen speaks to INSIDE EDITION about his new book which focuses on the relationship between Jackie Kennedy and JFK Jr.

It's the untold story of the relationship between America's most famous, and tragic, mother and son: Jackie Kennedy and JFK Jr.

With the release of his revealing new book, The Good Son: JFK Jr. and the Mother He Loved, bestselling author Christopher Andersen told INSIDE EDITION how Jackie Kennedy was, "A very hands on mom."

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Christopher Andersen also writes that when it came to John's girlfriends, Jackie had very strong opinions.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked Andersen, "Let's talk about some of the women in his life, Madonna?"

Andersen replied, “He had an affair with her that lasted more than a year. Jackie obviously was not pleased. One of the reasons was the day she met Madonna, was the week that Madonna was on the cover of Life magazine. And obviously Jackie didn't need to be reminded of Marilyn Monroe.”

Trent continued, "Daryl Hannah?"

"Jackie just thought that she was too high maintenance for her son, and the way she let him know how she felt is that whenever Daryl came over for dinner at Jackie's apartment, Jackie would somehow manage to eat her dinner in an adjacent room on a tray," replied Andersen.

Jackie died of cancer in 1994, and never met the woman who would become her son's wife, the doomed Carolyn Bessette.

The one main constant in Jackie's legendary life was her love for her children, but she had a terrible fear that her son might lose his life through some act of recklessness.

Andersen told INSIDE EDITION, "Premonitions that she had, the nightmares that she had that John would perish in a plane crash. So, she made John promise her that he would not try to obtain his pilot's license. Of course, after she died he went ahead and did it anyways."

JFK Jr. was killed in 1999 when his plane when down off the coast of Martha's Vineyard.

He and Carolyn were planning a family. They had even chosen the name of their firstborn.

"The name was Flynn, it would work for boy or girl. He loved that name," concluded Andersen.

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