Tasteless Halloween Costumes

This Halloween is seeing some costumes ripped from the headlines that are sparking outrage, including a ‘sexy Ebola nurse.’ INSIDE EDITION has more.

Could this be the most tasteless Halloween costume ever? It's an Ebola containment suit consisting of: a sexy mini dress, yellow rubber boots, a face shield, and latex gloves.

The ad for the costume reads, "As the deadly Ebola virus trickles its way through the United States, fighting its disease is no reason to compromise style."

INSIDE EDITION also found online the "Sexy Ebola nurse" costume, complete with a hazmat dress, leggings and a gas mask!

Cody Hadrick, manager of the Abracadabra costume super store in Manhattan, told INSIDE EDITION,  "I kind of want to roll my eyes a little bit, like, are you serious? They just want that shock value. They want people to talk about them at the party. They want people to see them and stand out from the crowd."

Hadrick also said tacky costumes ripped from the headlines are all the rage.

Apparently, some people think its okay to make light of the notorious video showing disgraced NFL star Ray Rice slugging his fiancée Janay.

One couple grinned to the camera as they headed to a Halloween party dressed as Ray Rice and Janay. They're in black face and she's got a black eye.

The couple’s son posted the picture on Instagram with the title, "Best Halloween costume ever!"

ESPN host Keith Olbermann tweeted back, "Your parents are morons!"

But one image may be the most disturbing of all. It's a young boy, in black face, dressed as Ray Rice holding a doll by the hair!

Janay Rice responded to the costumes today, tweeting, “It's sad that my suffering amuses others.”