Bikini Tug-Of-War With Devious Dog

Video has gone viral of Kendra Moriah battling to keep her bikini on despite a puppy trying to pull it off. INSIDE EDITION spoke to her about her tug-of-war incident with a pooch.

INSIDE EDITION now knows who the woman was that got her bikini top pulled off by that playful pooch.

She's San Francisco native Kendra Moriah and the video was shot by her boyfriend Mark on a beach in Thailand.  

She told INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander, “I'm sitting on the sand, kind of just relaxing in my bathing suit and this little cute puppy came up behind me. I feel this little tug on the back and he undid the cord, and right away undid the whole thing.”

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It was a clear reminder of that classic Coppertone ad.

Alexander asked, “In the video you're laughing. Are you okay with all of this?”

She said, “I was definitely finding it amusing at the time, but also, definitely did not want to lose the battle.”

Alexander asked, “Do you win the battle with this little dog?”

“Yes, I did win. I had help from Mark who was filming, but yes, we won the battle,” she replied.