'Rival Survival' Pits Opposing Senators Alone On Island

A new reality show leaves two senators, one Democrat and one Republican, stranded on a island. Can they work together? INSIDE EDITION explains.

Have you heard the one about the Republican and the Democrat marooned on a desert island? Well, that’s exactly what's happened on the Discovery Channel's new reality TV show Rival Survival.

Republican Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona and Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich from New Mexico must put their differences aside to survive seven days on an island in the North Pacific.  

Heinrich told INSIDE EDITION, “It's a very stressful situation. We got dropped off, we swam to the island in the middle of a torrential storm."

Hard to believe, but this reality show was actually their idea!

Flake added,, “We thought, Washington is broken, nobody can get along, Republicans and Democrats are like this. We ought to show people that a Republican and a Democrat can survive together on an island.” 

Rival Survival premieres Wednesday night on Discovery.