Is This A Real Portal To Hell?

Could a storm drain outside Cincinnati really be the Portal to Hell? INSIDE EDITION goes inside to find out.

If you believe the urban legend around Cincinnati, Ohio, INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent headed straight for “The Portal to Hell.”

A storm drain outside Cincinnati is where, according to folklore, Satanists began gathering decades ago and opened a Portal to Hell.

Trent’s guide, Rick Fenbers, runs a blog called

Trent asked him, "They say it's haunted, huh?"

Fenbers said, "Well, they say it's protected by a demon the Satanists were able to summon up from Hell."

Once Trent arrived, he said, "So here it is. Can you hear the echo? I'm going to go in. They call this the ‘Portal to Hell,’ it's about as dark as you can imagine. Here goes nothing!"

Once inside, Trent said, “Look at the graffiti on the wall here, 666, the sign of the Devil. This is kind of eerie in here. You hear water running, every once in a while an echo of something."

So, is it just a creepy storm drain, or is something supernatural going on?

"This is spooky, that's all I’ve got to say,” said Trent.

It got even spookier as the writing on the wall said something Satanic scribbled on it and “Straight to Hell.”

And then, they come upon the scariest part of all. On the wall, it said, "Turn Back Badlands to God's Chambers."

Trent did not turn back, he said, “The opening to this so-called Portal to Hell is only about five feet high, so, I’m going to have to bend down to go inside."

What Trent found inside the place also known as "Satan's Hollow" was a lot of darkness and dampness. Our guide is also skeptical about the urban legends surrounding the so-called "Portal to Hell."

Fenbers said, "Personally no, I don't believe that 'Satan's Hollow' or anywhere else is haunted."