'Glad To Be Well' Nurse Amber Vinson Ebola Free, Released From Hospital

Nurse Amber Vinson told the media she’s grateful to be well after being released from the hospital Ebola free. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Hero nurse Amber Vinson emerged from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to applause and her broad smile spoke for itself. She beat Ebola!

She said, "I'm so grateful to be well, and first and foremost I want to thank God."

The 29-year-old hugged every single doctor and nurse involved in her care. She contracted Ebola after treating Patient Zero Thomas Duncan in Dallas.

She said, "While this is a day of celebration and gratitude, I ask that we not lose focus on the thousands of families who continue to labor under the burdon of this disease in West Africa."

Before her diagnosis, she flew from Dallas to Cleveland and back to prepare for her wedding. In the panicked days that followed, the bridal shop where she tried on gowns with her wedding party was decontaminated.

Dr. Bruce Ribner said at the press conference, "She can return to her family, to her community, and to her life without any concerns about transmitting this virus to any other individuals."

Now Vinson can put her terrifying ordeal behind her and prepare to become a bride.